About Thewelder

After serving 4 years in the Marine Corp from 1963-67 when I got home I started an apprenticeship with the plumbers union, Part of my training was learning the basics of welding. I immediately took to it and have been doing it ever since.I have welded around the country in a lot of the nuclear, and major power plants. I always thought of using my welding skills and applying them to creating art. I love working with the different steels and manipulating them with welding or forging. I am retired now from power plants but still love what I do, forming metal, all my birds and fish are started with a solid block of steel and then ground down to shape. They take a lot of time so in-between all that grinding I try to have fun with some lawn art and furniture. I now live in Northwest Montana, How can you not do art surrounded by all this beauty and inspiration.

Grave Creek Honey

Started bee keeping a few years back, Very rewarding, a lot of work to keep bees healthy and thru the winter. 2022 was the first year I was able to harvest enough honey to jar and still leave enough to get them thru the winter. I was told it is very good, even medicinal.

Grizzly bear visit

I found some bird feeders down one day so the following day I bear proofed my property, including taking down bird feeders, The following night I set up some motion cameras, I was totally shocked when I came out to the back porch and saw 4 grizzly bears, Looked like two older cubs and two larger bears.
I will not feed the birds or do anything to invite another visit for the bears sake

unexpected visitors

roller bender

This is a roller bender, I made it with a lot of spare parts although I did have to buy the bearings and chain to power it. The handle came off a  large gate valve they were discarding from a previous job. I am glad I saved it.
the way it works is, you place a flat piece of steel or pipe you want a radius or even to make a circle and keep tension on the top roller while the bottom two turn thus rolling the steel back and forth until the desired radius, It is fun to use, especially because it is made, not bought, and works well and even better than one bought.

Grizzly bear

Hi everyone, it has been a long time since my last post, I am going to try to keep up with posting once in a while and post things not only of my metal and art work but of things that are apart of my life,
below is a grizzly bear, I captured it on a trail camera. I was hiking earlier this summer and came across a large black bear in the same area. I thought it would be fun to set up a camera, I never expected to get such a great picture of such a magnificent specimen of a grizzly. I also got pictures of the black bear I will post later but my goodness, I was lucky. I hope you enjoy.


Hope everyone is having a great Summer, It is so hot and dry here in the NW. I think even the tourist would love to see some rain. Thank goodness the evenings are cool. And there is always a mountain lake to go to.
I have to start posting again, not much art work is going on but I think I will rededicate myself in the fall.