Lucy turned one on Nov. 10th she also turned into a wonderful dog. I have never been happier. she knows when to be gentle. she is playful around all 2 legged and 4 legged beast. She believes all on this earth that walks, crawls, or swims is here for her to play with. And you know, I think she is right.Lucy

Hammer people

Its been a long time since the last post. I am back creating and working with metal. I will post more pieces later, just thought I would post some pictures of the fun I am having with some scrap and metal I found along the tracks.

hammer head family



another chickadee is coming

the start of another chickadee

I guess I am partial to Chickadees, recently the ones I had found new homes and I just want to have some around. I will post the progress of this one. I plan on doing something different by adding Stainless steel to the head area to see if it will represent its cap  ( black cap chickadee)

welding class

flame coloring demonstration

the plasma cutting went over well

designing and cutting flower pedals for art

flame coloring

A few pictures of the art and welding class. I can’t say enough about how well everyone is welding and creating. It’s a pleasure, and a lot of fun to teach such enthusiastic people. I am amazed how fast they are picking it up.