rosewood and steel mirror frame

This is a custom frame we made with some exotic rosewood. as you can see the wood was too beautiful to square and miter like a traditional frame so we made a metal frame to the contour of the wood, we then used steel blocks in the corners,the steel was ground to the contour of the wood and then flame colored.  as you can see I think the steel corners pulled the irregular wood together.
rosewood metal frame

Stainless steel picture frame

This one a a few stainless steel picture frames I was asked to make. I was not planning on making picture frames. I had made one for myself and was having a picture mounted in it when one of the frames customers saw mine and and asked if I would make one. I enjoyed it but it is harder than it looks, The final touch is most important like any other craft and a mistake can lead to hours of redo.stainless steel picture frame.

spider, and web

Just finished this piece, It was fun doing. I made the spider and web from stainless steel, the stand represents a small tree one might find in the woods barely hanging on. It is hammered carbon steel, as are the few leaves that haven’t fallen yet. the carbon steel and the leaves are acid colored. It will weather well.