Northern shrike

I took this picture of a Shrike through the screen door. The effect of taking it thru the screen makes it  look like a painting.

About the bird: The shrike is a bird of prey. It is about the size of a robin. It catches mice, small birds, etc. When they catch their prey they in-pale it on a thorn, or on the barb of barb wire.  Pretty gruesome but fascinating. I watched as it hovered like a humming bird while it looked for prey.

Miss Spike

beauty in car parts



I found all the parts to this beautiful pig behind my auto mechanic’s shop. After seeing the LP tank and tail pipes I new there was a pig in there somewhere. the only thing missing was her tail, which I found along the railroad tracks. I am proud of her tail as she shows it off.


floyd the gardener

Floyd was created by an up and coming artist, and friend Ellen Savage.

I am posting this as an example to my future class what one can do with an inexpensive mig welding machine, a grinder and some imagination. So bring your imagination and some scrap steel and we will create,

spring dog

better use of the trap

I went in back of my auto mechanic’s garage and found the makings of a dog. I also found a 2nd hand store that had animal traps. I usually buy them out so they can’t be used, I noticed the shape and thought of a perfect use for them. It was fun making, but the thought of the trap bothers me.



I recently posted the start of a chickadee still in infancy

here she is already to fly.


Ready to flychickadee sprouting wings