spider, and web

Just finished this piece, It was fun doing. I made the spider and web from stainless steel, the stand represents a small tree one might find in the woods barely hanging on. It is hammered carbon steel, as are the few leaves that haven’t fallen yet. the carbon steel and the leaves are acid colored. It will weather well.






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About Thewelder

After serving 4 years in the Marine Corp from 1963-67 when I got home I started an apprenticeship with the plumbers union, Part of my training was learning the basics of welding. I immediately took to it and have been doing it ever since.I have welded around the country in a lot of the nuclear, and major power plants. I always thought of using my welding skills and applying them to creating art. I love working with the different steels and manipulating them with welding or forging. I am retired now from power plants but still love what I do, forming metal, all my birds and fish are started with a solid block of steel and then ground down to shape. They take a lot of time so in-between all that grinding I try to have fun with some lawn art and furniture. I now live in Northwest Montana, How can you not do art surrounded by all this beauty and inspiration.

1 thought on “spider, and web

  1. that is an awesome wonderful bird feeder, unless the birds are afraid of spiders 😉
    love how you photographed it with the sky and clouds showing off your art.

    good day to you ~

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