stainless steel bar

taking shape

a picture of a solid piece of stainless steel. It is 316 grade, which is the type of stainless that is used in the food industry for purity, It can be polished to a mirror finish. If you looked inside of the piping in a food processing plant you could see yourself. The welds have to be as pure.

I am going to shape this piece into a Bull trout and post pictures as I go, I better get started, I have a lot of cutting and grinding to do.

This was a previous post, I have inserted the progress I have made. It will be swimming up river soon


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About Thewelder

After serving 4 years in the Marine Corp from 1963-67 when I got home I started an apprenticeship with the plumbers union, Part of my training was learning the basics of welding. I immediately took to it and have been doing it ever since.I have welded around the country in a lot of the nuclear, and major power plants. I always thought of using my welding skills and applying them to creating art. I love working with the different steels and manipulating them with welding or forging. I am retired now from power plants but still love what I do, forming metal, all my birds and fish are started with a solid block of steel and then ground down to shape. They take a lot of time so in-between all that grinding I try to have fun with some lawn art and furniture. I now live in Northwest Montana, How can you not do art surrounded by all this beauty and inspiration.

2 thoughts on “stainless steel bar

  1. Yes, it answers many questions about HOW you create these fishies. But I don’t think he’ll be swimming 😉 How much do these weigh when they are done?? The birds, fish are all fascinatingly delicate for steel. Enjoy the process!

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