Wood Stove

Finally finished my wood stove and got it in the house. It is made from 1/4″ steel plate, the door is 1/2″, all moving parts were forged shaped and welded. ┬áno nuts or bolts. It was a fun project, Heats the whole house, great to turn the thermostat offwood stove





















Hi everyone, Just got back from a trip to Reno where I was tutored in the use of the CNC cad program “torch mate, I can’t say enough about these people and this company, Jake, one of the Techs was great, Now it is up to me to practice what I have learned.
hopefully I will be able to post an example soon,


Lucy turned one on Nov. 10th she also turned into a wonderful dog. I have never been happier. she knows when to be gentle. she is playful around all 2 legged and 4 legged beast. She believes all on this earth that walks, crawls, or swims is here for her to play with. And you know, I think she is right.Lucy